To quote a friend, "Back-to-school Eve"!

They are going back!  At least here on the Island, they are going back in the morning!  Altho I have to admit, I like having everyone off and home, and hanging out together (and yes, we actually did that more than once!).  It is the trying to work and tripping over everyone that gets tiresome!
And what are they eating for lunch tomorrow?  The big girls can choose between Spicy Hummus and veggie wraps or tuna salad and cream cheese on whole wheat…Kate is having her rice cakes and cheese (and her trusty thermos of soup!)…the big boy?  Left over salad and a tuna salad sandwich (hold the cream cheese please)…The little boy has asked for a  ham and cheese wrap, with no veggies and no lettuce (but I will have my veggies on the side, okay Mum?)…Interestingly enough, the girls have packed (or will pack) their own lunches…The boys seem to be quite content to eat whatever I pack them…
The snacks?  Carrots and tomatoes, apples and clementines, yogurt, date newtons (for the Man), and almonds…And muffins, if I don’t sleep in too late!
Supper for tomorrow (one of our fright nights!) is going into the slowcooker in the morning…beef stew with root vegetables, and I have promised that there will be enough leftovers for at least five lunches!

Happy Packing!


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