Happy Valentine’s Day

It seems in our busy schedule, there is never a good time for a date night.  So, about 5 years ago, we started having a family Valentine’s Day supper.  Typically, pasta and something yummy for dessert.  This year we had our Valentine’s day supper last night (because tonight is too busy!! Big surprise).  Homemade three cheese lasagna, garlic bread, salad and some chocolate fondue for dessert!  Chocolate fondue came on the menu about three years ago, and it has stuck as a favourite.
Here is a quick and easy recipe for homemade chocolate fondue with fruit to dip that doesn’t involve a special trip to the grocery store (well, unless you want strawberries to dip!).

Chocolate Fondue
 250g semi sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup evaporated milk (I use the nonfat or the light)

Cut-up fruit of your choice

Combine the chocolate chips and evaporated milk in fondue bowl and heat over pot of simmering water for about 5 minutes (until chocolate is really beginning to melt).  Remove bowl and stir with rubber spatula until all the chocolate has melted and combined with the milk.  Place over fondue burner and serve with platter of cut-up fruit.

What a great way to share Valentine’s day with your children and spouse (yes, even the teenagers will come back to the table for chocolate!) and the bonus is that everyone gets an extra serving of fruit for the day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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