A to Z Blog Challenge

Just one more day left until the A to Z Blog Challenge and I have been busy trying to find time to prepare!  Baby Bear and I have been making a list, but I thought that some readers might have something they might like to see…so if you have a suggestion for a letter in the Alphabet, go ahead and leave a comment…We do have “A” for apples and appetizing!  B is for Banana and Bite…
   C is for my Crazy Cat who is desperately trying to catch the only squirrel in the neighbourhood (and they are an invasive species here on the Island, so the whole neighbourhood is cheering, another C, him on!)   Personally, I am tired of the muddy paw marks on all the white ledges in the house!  And if he succeeds, perhaps “S” will be for Squirrel (and my in-laws informed me that there is a butcher not far from here where one can purchase Squirrel…or maybe that was Rabbit…)
   D is for Dressings and Dips, and E is for Easter, because the timing is perfect!  And the rest, you will have to wait for!
Some of the blogs I follow are also diving in for the Challenge…click on the sidebar button to check out more great “A to Z” blogs…I will include a link to one in each of my entries, starting with the appropriate letter (and there are over 650 of them, so I am hoping there will be one for each letter)

And lunch today?  Stuffed Roast pork sandwiches (with salsa), cottage cheese, canned peaches (in the juice not syrup) and some “Whitewater” granola bars (wow…that was all she could say was “Wow”)…Yes, look for the recipe for those as well as some great info on “Whitewater”  Gee, I think I might have just given away another letter!

Happy Packing!


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