G is for…Garden

What starts with G…?  My dear hubby came up with this one.  Although it was with a bit of a snicker.  Not because he thinks I am a hopeless gardner (well, okay, so perhaps I am), but because we really have no garden to speak of!  Not the kind with things planted in it, at least!  We have a huge backyard, and an assortment of wildlife that wander through on a regular basis.  But no garden.  However, there is a beautiful one in my head!  And jotted down on countless scraps of paper, drawn and doodled with notes about “raspberry canes from Jennifer”, and rhubarb liking “wet feet”.  A couple of blueberry bushes and of course a big ole fence to keep the deer out!  And netting to keep the birds out of the strawberries, copper wire to keep the slugs and snails out.  And a big list of all the flowers the deer “don’t eat” (yeah, right, I have found many a daffodil flower head in the grass, and I would put money on it that some little deer took a chomp and then didn’t like the taste).
I would love to have a vegetable patch one day and a flower garden too.  There is just one thing that has to happen first…Two HUGE fir trees need to come down.  They sit at the back of our property, along with a third Douglas fir (but that one can stay), and they really need to be taken down.  If we get another heavy wind storm, they will come right through the middle of my kitchen.  One time, my Dad explained to me how to measure with your thumb as to how far the tree might fall, and I ended up laughing, because the top of the tree was WAY past my thumb and Dad just said, “Yeah, it’ll hit your house.”  But really, who wants to take down a tree?  Especially one that is that big and that old?  “At least a hundred ” was what the first tree guy said who came to look at them and give us a quote…That was 11 years ago and the quote was $4000.00 for the three big ones in the backyard.  I don’t even want to know what it might cost to do just two of them now.  I will just keep enjoying my “paper” garden and enjoy berries from my friends and veggies from my neighbours, and pray  that the wind blows the other way.

 Happy Packing!


6 thoughts on “G is for…Garden

  1. My garden is in my head right now, too. Every year, we say we'll get that fenced raised bed in so I can plant veggies where the dog and the deer will leave them alone (and I have a shot at getting the blueberries before the kids eat them all), and every year something comes up. Someday . . .Erin's blog

  2. I'm dying to know how one checks if a tree could fall on your house using your thumb… I've never realized how expensive it could be to chop down a tree. :-/

  3. You know, Misha, I am not even sure now, because the trees are just so big and close to the house, that before I even got the entire explanation, Dad just said, "Yeah, they will hit your house" It has somthing to do with the angle your arm is at from the edge of your house to the tree when your thumb is hiding the top of the tree.

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