S is for …Space

Some kitty space too

  We all need  a space to call our own.  When we are younger, it can be our room (or our side of the room) or a fort or playhouse.  At school it is our desk or cubby or locker in the older grades.  I remember when I moved out and had my first “place”.  I rented a lower flat or apartment from my uncle who owned a two story walk-up row house in “The Pointe”, an area of Montreal that was built as a working neighbourhood for Railroad and Factory Employees in the mid 1800’s.  My uncle bought this property in the early 1980’s.  The interesting thing is that when my paternal grandmother’s family came to Canada from Germany at the turn of the century, they first settled in Griffintown, the neighbouring community (literally, as they are separated by a short tunnel).  I lived there for four years, one year by myself and then three with the best roommate ever (she continued living there for another three years after I moved out).
   The kitchen has always been “my space” and how I loved the kitchen in that apartment.  It had a high ceiling and wide plank floors, that were painted gray (floor gray that reminded me of my grandmother’s summer kitchen).  One wall (called the Fire wall that was the shared wall with the next home) was all brick, and real brick!  I often thought that if I was going to live there “forever”, I might learn how to refinish the brick.  I loved the warmth it brought to that cold kitchen!  Really though, if I was planning on living there forever, then speaking to my landlord about putting some insulation in the basement would have been a wiser move!  However, the stove worked, there was plenty of counter space, and quite adequate cupboard space.  I wish that I could find the pictures that I took of that kitchen.

   Twenty years later (wow, really?) and the kitchen is still my space, although I happily share it with everyone else.  I love it when we have family and friends over for a meal and folks can enjoy each other’s company and prepare food together.  During our renovations in 2006, when we were planning the kitchen (yes, Mike the kitchen planner was and still is AMAZING!), a big part was how many people could work at the same time, and Mike came up with space for 4 cooks and one spot for the supervisor on one of the bar stools (wine glass in hand, of course).
  I thought I might share a little bit of my space with you.  5 years post reno and I am still in love (and Rob says “Good!  ‘Cause there are no more renos in sight for a long long long time…Maybe even forever!”)

If only spring would come!

Happy Easter Everyone!  And hope that you are enjoying the break from packing lunches just like I am!


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