W is for…Wiped out by Wednesday

Wow…What a weekend.  Easter and all that goes with it…On top of that, finalizing audit paperwork to go in the mail (and it is gone!  Yay), visitng (which is always the best part of holiday weekends), and a science project due for Wednesday, that we didn’t know about until Friday morning last week.  Well, the science project is finished (good thing, the science fair is today!).  Not to mention all the hockey there is to watch with both Canadian teams still in it…
Today, Wednesday, life should settle back into “normal” (whatever that is!)…We said a teary good-bye to Grandma this morning, as she heads back East, and Daycare gets back into full swing after a very quiet start to the week yesterday.  Tonight?  Just Dance class, and a baseball game…going to relax and enjoy it since the roller coaster of life will only gain speed tomorrow!  The Canucks have moved on to round two, now just for the Habs to do the same!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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