Y is for…Yes, Please!

…It is Friday, the last Friday in a crazy month of April (a month that started on a Friday as well!)…A month full of paperwork, competitions, Easter, more paperwork, baseball games, an Audit (more paperwork), a great visit from my Mum, lousy weather, a science project, more lousy weather, less than stellar behaviour and more paperwork.  But today is Friday (again) and the sun is shining and there is promise of decent weather…meaning that the deck furniture will soon be out (like maybe tomorrow)…And it is time for a drink!  So, yes please!
  This is a tasty mixture that you could put in someone’s lunchbox, but you would want to leave out the vodka…It is my favourite “Happy Friday” treat and it always tastes best when sitting on the deck with the sun going down.  Here it is…A Sparkling Citrus Sipper
     One glass (highball)
     2-3 ice cubes
     2 oz vodka
     slice of orange, lime, lemon, 2 pieces strawberry, a few blueberries
     2 oz Mango tangerine juice
     2 oz Club soda
1. Put ice and fruit in glass, add vodka.

2. Add juice; add soda.  Mix and enjoy.  Leave out the vodka for a great virgin sipper or Kids drink (my kids love it better than pop).  

Happy Friday!



5 thoughts on “Y is for…Yes, Please!

  1. Thanks for stopping by, everyone and thanks for joining the Lunch box. I will be serving these on the deck this afternoon, if you're in the neighbourhood! (both virgin and with vodka!)

  2. That sounds absolutely delicious. Being that it is Friday again and I will be going to Palm Springs, I'm going to have to buy the ingredients to enjoy this by the pool. Thanks for the recipe! :)Ava

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