Where have you been?

Hello!  I’m back and I apologize to the folks who’ve been waiting for The Lunch Box to be back online.  And to say a big thank you to everyone who stuck around.
I could use the excuse that Blogger’s new face (in August) put me off (and it did!) but that would be whining!
In reality, life got stressful and kind of took over.  Instead of just getting on with things and “gettin’ ‘er done” (my ten year old’s new favourite expression), I let it all happen, without taking the time to remind myself how organized I feel when I actually do sit down to get things done.  I did not, however, let inspiration pass me by!  I have an incredible amount of “entries” written down on scraps of paper, in my notebook and (yes) on the back of grocery lists I happened upon in my purse, while sitting at the arena or waiting in the school parking lot.  Now, if I could just find them all!
Just before back-to-school season hit (so what would that be..June?), I came upon a cookbook that had me both excited and slightly depressed.  I bought it and tested some recipes from it, and promise to share it with you in my next entry!
Thanks for staying!
See you soon!

My new favourite muffin recipe…


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