Sunday food for thought

…just  a few hours late…

Wow, only the first of the four weekends before Christmas, and already I am feeling waaayyyyyy behind!  Last week’s menu was bumped into this week (as you may notice!). And that is not a good start, given how busy the next four weeks will be.  So, I am going to try and bit somewhat proactive going into this week…

  • Sunday: Lasagna, salad and bread (we had chowder on Saturday night!)
  • Monday: Baked pork chops, mashed potatoes and broccoli!  (I can hear my 10 year old cheering now!)
  • Tuesday: out for dinner…There is a birthday in our house, and the request was the Chinese buffet, so healthy eating begone!  Let them eat Sweet and sour pork and white rice (oh and chow mein noodles!), and all the chicken wings they want.
  • Wednesday: Baked Salmon with rice and Greek Salad (off season, but Rob brought a whole box of tomatos home from Costco…at least they are BC grown!)
  • Thursday: Shepherd’s pie and salad
  • Friday: Dad’s night to cook: Pancakes!
  • Saturday: I am leaving this one open.  

When I look at the calendar, I just shake my head.  There are two meetings this week (School and skating); an extra soccer practice (why?), Christmas show practices for dance and for skating, Showcase for skating down South Island, volley ball practices (and Provincials), and Friday night is card night (no, not poker…Christmas cards!).
Everyone’s house gets crazy around the holidays, what are your tricks to keeping a balance and making sure everyone is on track?  Love to hear your tips!

And lunches…well, there just might be quite a bit of peanut butter on the menu!

Happy packing!



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