Move it on Monday: Project 52 update (just a little late!)

…and better late than never, right?
I survived Competition Weekend!  (that really should have been on the list as well).  Now, there should be room in my days for a few of the regular things that have fallen off to the side in the past two weeks.

So where are we at with the list of 52…
1. I have been looking for a new novel to read…Tine lent me “The Help”, and since the competition is over, I can find some time to start it.
3. January 2011 had 457 page views and13 entries.  This is entry number 14 for January 2012, so I didn’t double this month’s posts, but January 2012 did have 1502 page views, which is encouraging!
6. And I have sold 1 pair of the skates from the crawlspace.  So only three more to go.
29. The February Calendar is ready to go up…that is 2/12!  Yay me!
35. I put together one page for Kate’s scrapbook, just need to finish it this weekend.
42. I signed up for the A to Z challenge for April 2012.  Now to start planning!
49. We had a birthday supper for everyone before our girls left for their home countries.

Still plugging along!  How is everyone else doing?

Happy Packing!


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