B is for Butcher

Do you have a local butcher?  We are very fortunate to have such a good local butcher right here in town: Pipers Meat Cleaver.  Whenever possible, the meat they carry is local as well as hormone-free and non medicated.  They make their own hams, their own sausage, and the two master butchers are the owners and right there to talk to just about any time you want.  You can get bones for soup from them and they will discuss recipes, cooking tips and meat information with you. 
You can request how you want your meat to take home packaged, so you can avoid the Styrofoam packaging going into the garbage at home.  Most of the meat in their freezer section is packaged in plastic bags, double wrapped, but if you prefer your meat packaged in freezer paper instead, they will do that for you.  As well, if you put in a meat order, you can request that it all be packaged in freezer paper. 
Price wise: our butcher is sometimes a little bit more expensive than the grocery store, but they have weekly specials and typically those prices are close if not the same as the local grocery store sale prices.  Usually once a month, the bigger roasting chickens are on special for $2.69/lb.  Around the holidays, the turkeys are local and must be ordered ahead of time, but they are worth it.  Free range, organic and non medicated.  And they taste delicious. 
Your best bet for local fair on any day of the week at Pipers is the Pork, from the Alberni Valley, just north of us on the Island.  Delicious pork tenderloin, beautiful pork chops, and of course pork loin roasts. The bacon is from there, and all the sausage meat (the pork that is used) is also from there.   Hams: they carry both pre smoked, from the Alberni valley as well as their own, which are reasonably priced and your best bet for making ham sandwiches for lunches. And you can order pork bones for making a tonic from the bones which is very common in Ancient Chinese medicine.

So, if you haven’t already, check out your phone book for a local butcher, and go in and talk meat with him or her.  They are all ready to share their knowledge with you and help you keep the pink slime out of your diet! 
Happy Packing!


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