D is for Dining room table

I so wish that I could just get myself together and get my hands on a new dining room table.  My husband insists there is nothing wrong with the table that we have.  And in some ways, he is right: it has a top, and it doesn’t fall over.  It seats 6, maybe 7 if we squeeze and the kids are small.  But every night we are 6…it only takes Grandma and Grandpa coming for dinner to make us 8, and that is too tight.  And the kids are getting bigger.  And well, the table isn’t!
And I already know what table I want, and have wanted for five years.  But the money gets saved, or almost, and then something comes up, and the money goes to THAT instead.  A new washer and dryer was the last thing.  Or a tax audit, or new tires for the van.  Oh well, no table yet.  Maybe next year…

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