Kale on the Side

This past Fall, I found a new favourite side dish, and was pleasantly surprised when “they” ate it all up!  Yes, the first time I served, it, there were no leftovers.  Not in the pot or on the plates.  And it was so simple!

We had kale in the fridge, (that I had bought for soup), and I needed a side dish for baked chicken.  There were carrots, but the kids were sick of carrots.  I could have sent hubby to the store for something (broccoli? ho hum), but decided I would just saute the kale.  So, I heated some olive oil, added a half an onion sliced thin, and a large clove of garlic (yummy local garlic from Nanoose Edibles up the highway from us), crushed.  Once the onions were soft, I added a can of white beans (Cannelini beans), and then a bunch of kale, coarsely chopped.  I cooked the kale until wilted and bright green.  And then took it to the plate.

And that was it!  And they ate it up.  Guess it is a bit like butter and salt, cook it up with onions and garlic and they will eat it up!



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