Clean Lunch Menu for January week #3

Hello!  This is a little bit later than I wanted, but we were at the rink for 6:30am (add a 55 minute drive to that and we left the house just shortly after 5:15!).  I laughed when the radio DJ said, “good morning to you and thanks for joining us this early on a Saturday morning.  Where are you headed?  Figure skating? Hockey?  Or maybe off for a workout before the family gets up?”  It left me wondering if he saw me out the window as I drove past.  Yes, we were headed to skating.  Back home now and on with the day!



Monday: Twice baked Taco Potatoes, apple, pear, Blueberry spelt muffin

Tuesday: Buffalo chicken and spinach wraps, veggie sticks with yogurt, kiwi and frozen berries

Wednesday: Veggie and roasted red pepper hummus wraps, cottage cheese, orange slices, ginger cookie

Thursday: Tuna quesadillas with salsa, yogurt with frozen berries, apple-spice protein bars (this recipe comes up this week!  so excited to share!)

Friday: A Better Chinese New Year soup (from Clean Eating Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013)

R is for...Recipe!


Monday: Vegetable soup with Cheese quesadilla

Tuesday: Cleaned up Peanut butter and Jam sandwich (from Tosca Reno’s book: The Eat Clean Diet for Family & Kids, page 231) with homemade tomato soup – my current Daycare gang are Peanut butter junkies, and they always ask for Jam with their peanut butter… so I am subbing thawed (and drained) and mashed frozen berries

Wednesday: “Hamburger” Soup (your hamburger soup recipe made with Yves’ Regular Veggie Ground round)

Thursday: Tuna Quesadillas with veggie sticks

Friday: Quick turkey bolognese with whole wheat pasta

Happy Packing!



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