Clean Lunch Menu for January Week #4

Oh my goodness!  We are coming to the end of January!  Yahoo!  And bring on February…the month of Lunar New Year, Valentine’s day and Birthday cake, if you are a member of our extended family.  Yes, February is just all about the birthdays, it is a bit nuts.

However, that is for a later post, because you came here for some lunch ideas.  We are a soup and sandwich gang around here this week, I think.  Well, sandwich is a loose term, meaning we are including wraps, sandwiches, and maybe even a bun or a bagel in there this week.  A tip, if you have littler ones and want to make them a “bunwich”, after you cut the bun in half, hollow it out a little bit, as it makes it easier for them to bite into and also, removes some of the “bread” of lunch, so they actually eat more of the filling.

That and my little darlings of daycare land have asked (and asked and asked) for Grilled cheese sandwiches.  So, this week, I am going to say, “Yes!” we are having grilled cheese sandwiches because Friday is a Pro D Day, so I have the big kids to feed at lunch as well.


Monday: BLT chicken wraps (hint: I chop up one strip of bacon very small, and mix it into a few tablespoons of plain yogurt, with a tiny bit of honeyed mustard for the spread for this wrap), apple spice protein bar, vanilla yogurt with frozen berries and a banana

Tuesday: Lentil Soup with Smoked Turkey sausage, cottage cheese, apple, and two oatmeal cookies

Wednesday: Wasa Crackers, chopped chicken salad, veggie sticks; Cranberry-Oatmeal muffin, fruit kabob (melon, mandarins and pineapple)

Thursday: Late Tuna Casserole with lots of veggies, (we call it Late, because Mum makes it late at night for the next day’s supper), lemon-coconut protein bar, apple and orange slices

Friday: Grilled Cheese sandwich with Quick homemade tomato soup, veggies


Monday: Baked Taco pasta

Tuesday: Lentil Soup with smoked turkey sausage

Wednesday: Shepherd’s pie

Thursday: Late Tuna casserole with lots of veggies

Friday: Grilled Cheese sandwich with Quick homemade tomato soup

Happy Packing!



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