Clean Lunch Menu for February Week #1 – Wraps

Hello!  I am sorry that this is a bit late this weekend!  We have been so busy since Friday, for now we are 6!  Our newest student has arrived to join our family until the end of June.  So, with that and all the other activities that normally fill the weekend, unfortunately, this got bumped.  However, here it is and hopefully, not too late for most of you!

I had some helpers this week.  It is always great to get the eaters involved in pulling together the menu for the week.  When I asked for suggestions, I got “Wraps, wraps and more wraps.”  “Unless there are leftovers!” piped my 11 year old.

Wraps became very popular in our house around the time my daughter went to grade 1 (she is now in grade 4).  She doesn’t really like standard bread (well, she would I suppose if her mother bought white bread), but loves flatbreads.  To prep your pantry for wraps, you want to think of a few things: flatbreads, first of all, or tortillas: choose whole grain ones.  You can usually find them in two places in the grocery store: the bread aisle, and also in the refrigerator case.  I used to think they only kept the corn ones in the cold area, but then I took a closer look and realised that the organic, no additive ones are also kept there.  Hmmm.  By the way, if you pick up these ones, keep them in the fridge once you bring them home as well.

Next, your fillings: you want lean protein and some sort of veggies.  My hubby’s favourite wrap is made with leftover curry chicken and rice.  I always find it a bit odd that carbs are wrapped around carbs, but it is his lunch!  Filling wraps is a great way to use up leftover salad.  My favourite is leftover chicken breast, with Greek salad and a little bit of tzatziki.

Last thing: how do you pack it?  If the wraps are not too messy (unlike the ones I have just described above), you can roll, cut in half and put both halves side by side in a standard sandwich box.  Sometimes I tuck some veggie sticks in beside to keep them from rolling around.  Messier wraps require a bit more planning: use wax paper or parchment paper, large enough to cover the wrap (I estimate about 6 inches longer than the flatbread, and I always have lots).  Then using a slightly smaller piece of aluminum foil.  Put the parchment on top of the aluminum, place the wrap in the middle of the parchment, diagonally.  Bring one corner over the wrap and tuck it under.  Then continue rolling until the parchment is fully around the wrap (being careful as some of the filling will fall out the top).  Twist the bottom of the parchment.  Fold over the other end.  Repeat with the foil, only do not twist the foil, fold it up at the bottom and at the top.  By the way, this is a great way to pack wraps for the freezer.  But I only do that with ones that have cooked veggies in them, never fresh ones.

Happy Packing!


Monday: Roasted veggie and hummus wraps, cottage cheese, apple, cranberry oat bran muffin

Tuesday: Tuna salad wraps (put the tuna into a lettuce leaf first, to keep the wrap from getting too wet), 3 bean salad, cheddar cheese blocks, orange slices, ginger cookie

Wednesday: BLT wraps with chicken, mini blueberry muffins, veggie sticks, kiwi

Thursday: Santa Fe salad wraps with Salmon, frozen berries, vanilla yogurt, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, apple

Friday: Spinach salad wraps with lentil soup, rice cakes, fruit salad (frozen strawberries, peach and pineapple), apple


Shepherd’s pie

Tuna wraps (lettuce cut up small, so it is easier for little teeth)

Turkey sausage, with peas and brown rice

Lentil soup and cheese sandwich

Peanut butter and banana roll-ups with vegetable soup





2 thoughts on “Clean Lunch Menu for February Week #1 – Wraps

  1. We love wraps in lunch. I’m not sure why a wrap is SO MUCH BETTER than a sandwich but for whatever reason it is.

    Do the frozen fruit really appeal? I always put in fresh fruit but I haven’t tried frozen for fear it would be mushy at lunch.

    • The frozen fruit is especially appealing when accompanied by plain or vanilla yogurt. But my daughter also likes to eat it by itself with a spoon, like fruit salad. Thanks for stopping by!

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