Wraps and why we love them

I find it interesting.  I send ingredients (protein, cheese, salad, dressing) in between two pieces of bread in their lunches, and half of the time, half of it comes back, and most of the time, some of it comes back.  With my son, the excuse is “I didn’t have time.”  With my daughter, it is usually a wrinkled nose, a hesitation, a lie “I didn’t have time”, followed quickly by, “I don’t really like…”

Two days later, I can send exactly the same ingredients in a piece of tortilla/flatbread, and the sandwich box comes back empty.  And my son will follow up with, “I could have eaten two of those.”  (He is an 11 year old string bean), even when I have sent the wrap filled with salad and beans! This is my non-legume-eating child.  His sister on the other hand, could live on legumes.

So, what do I learn from all of this?  If you don’t want food coming back, better pack it in a tortilla and make it into a wrap.

One of our favourites across the board, is a Greek Chicken Wrap, with spinach and tzatziki.  Our other favourite is Santa Fe Wrap with BBQ salmon.  The newest one that goes over really well is Roast pork with Broccoli salad, it has a bit of an Asian flair to it.  Tip: drain the salads slightly to avoid a wet wrap at lunch time.

Wraps, 3 ways: 

First, we typically use a whole grain tortilla, either ancient grains or whole wheat, or sprouted if you can find them!  Then you want some kind of leafy green, either spinach (which is my go-to for most) , or whatever lettuce you have in the house.  Use most of one leaf, to hold the ingredients in place, like a bowl.  In the case of spinach, or baby greens, I line much of the tortilla with some leaves before I add the filling.

  • Mediterranean or Greek Chicken wraps: Sliced cooked chicken breast (either baked or grilled), spinach leaves, Greek Salad, and homemade Tzatziki.  Tip:drain the Greek salad slightly to avoid a wet wrap at lunch time.
  • Santa Fe Wrap with BBQ Salmon: You can use leftover baked or BBQ salmon for this, or you can buy the BBQ salmon tips from the Fish counter at the grocery store (the Ocean wise Wild salmon is what to look for, to be sure you are purchasing a sustainable product, or at least Wild Salmon as opposed to Farmed).  Red or Green leaf lettuce and Santa Fe salad.
  • Roast Pork and Asian Broccoli salad wrap: Use leftover roast pork (either Pork tenderloin or Pork loin) sliced thin, Romaine lettuce leaf and Asian Broccoli salad (your own recipe or watch for mine later this week!)

Happy Packing!


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