Mother’s Day Menu

I know there are folks out there who love the treat of going out for supper.  There is no planning, no prep work, no cooking and no clean up.  Yes, it all sounds great.  A lovely relaxing evening out with the family, it is going to be wonderful.  Pile everyone into the car, drive 10-15-20 minutes.  “Mum, D keeps digging his elbow into my side.”  “But Mum, she keeps bumping my arm, and I miss my shot.”  Me: “I told you to leave the DS at home.”  Big sisters are both staring at the screen on one phone, and smirking.  Now to  find parking.  Oh yes, it is Mother’s day.  Guess we are not the only ones with this idea…  Finally, hubby drops everyone off at the door, and goes up the street to find parking.  By the time he meets us in the entrance way, we are in the waiting-for-a-table line… The wait time is 15 minutes.  “Mum, I’m starving!”  “Me too!”

When we finally get to a table, (remember we are 6), we are wedged between a family of 4 (2 teens and 2 adults), who are all “plugged in” to various handheld electronic devices, and a family of 5 plus Grandma.  At their table, the youngest is hauling on the loose belt of the high chair, the middle one is crawling under the table, Dad is staring at his phone and Mum and Grandma are trying to have a conversation about a Sister who opted not to join them, again, and haul the middle child out from under the table.  The oldest child (who looks to be about 6) is standing on the bench in their booth, and gazing over the table behind them.

At our table, my son has managed to bring the DS in from the car with him, and the one of the big girls has passed her phone to my 9 year old.  I glance around the table, and catch my husband’s eye.  He gives me his “Well, here goes nothing!” smile and then returns to looking over my son’s shoulder at the DS.  Well, at least there won’t be any complaining about how long it takes for our food to come….

This is NOT my idea of a pleasant way to spend Mother’s Day.  Sharing a meal with my family?  Yes, but I would much prefer to spend a few hours in the kitchen preparing something healthy and delicious for them (and me!), than the restaurant experience.  Then afterwards, I can enjoy their daily gift to me, of clearing the table and doing up the dishes and tidying the kitchen, while I enjoy a glass of wine on the deck, or a cup of tea in the living room.  And this year, I get to share that with my Mum who is visiting us over Mother’s Day.

So, my Mother’s Day gift to you is this delicious Menu that will be gracing our table tonight, as we sit down together, without DS’s or iphones or rogue children crawling under tables (we had an under-the-table crawler, who has since learned to enjoy the above the table experience, so I can say that!).

Mother’s Day Menu

To start:

Strawberry-Watermelon Lemon Crush

from One Perfect Bite.  However, we added one cup of watermelon in with the strawberries, and subbed 1/8 cup of Agave nectar for the 1/2 cup of sugar (watermelon is quite sweet on its own).  Then, we doubled the whole thing to make enough for everyone.

Crunch Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad

from the Ambitious Kitchen.

Sweet Chili Lime Turkey Burgers

from The Inspired Housewife

Roasted Asparagus with Garlic and Olive oil

Spinach and Kale salad with Balsamic Dijon Vinaigrette

Dressing recipe from CD Kitchen

Avocado Salad

from The Clean Lunchbox

Thai Sweet Chili Noodles

from One Perfect Bite (make these with Buckwheat noodles, and sliced red peppers)

And for dessert:

Fresh Strawberries and Lemon chocolate tart

from Anne Lindsay’s New Light Cooking.  We subbed Coconut oil for the butter and honey for the corn syrup.


Happy Mother’s Day!




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