Mother’s day traditions

Ah, Mother’s day.  What do you love to plan or do to celebrate?  If you are a mother, do you like to be pampered and spoiled?  Or spend an uninterrupted day with your family?  If you plan Mother’s day (for your mother or your spouse), what do you like to plan for them?  Taking them to a restaurant?  Out for a treat?

Something that has become a bit of a treat in our house is going out for Ice cream on Mother’s day.  If the weather co-operates, which it normally does, here on Vancouver Island, we plan a walk as a family, and it almost always includes a stop for ice cream.  I remember my first Mother’s day, when my son was just six and a half months old, we took a walk on the seawall as a family, including my brother-in-law and (now) sister-in-law.  The weather was beautiful and warm, and we stopped for ice cream.  The flavour in my cone was Vanilla Cherry Custard.  Of course (but don’t tell the Public Health nurses!), I shared a taste with my baby.  Well, it was so cute to see his already big brown eyes grow round, and his little tongue reach out for more.  That was it, he was in love.  Ice cream is still his favourite treat.  Our dear next door neighbours love to spoil him on his birthday with an ice cream cake.  He anticipates it every year, “do you think they will?”  and of course, they never disappoint.  This year, however, we will be postponing our Ice cream treat by a week.  I have discovered a real gem right here on the Island.  Cold Comfort Ice Cream in Victoria.  Oh my goodness, what a treat! Pure homemade Ice cream, made right here on Vancouver Island.   And the flavours: How about Triple Berry Cream Cheese Ice Cream sandwiches with graham cracker butter cookies?  Or Dairy free chocolate with Mango? My favourite: Vanilla with cherries and chocolate.  If you are going to be in Victoria, check them out for some incredible homemade treats.  You can visit their HQ at 809 Craigflower Road or visit their website for other locations around town that carry their ice cream.  So worth it!  We will be making a special trip next weekend as part of our day trip to the Capital city.

As a good friend says, “If you are going to have a treat, make it worth while.”  This is definitely worthwhile!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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