When you go out in the world today…

I know you expect a food post from me, but this is something that has been rolling around in my universe for sometime now, so I thought I would share these words here.

Treat each other gently…
“We need to use a gentle voice” I often say to the children I spend my days with. We learn about what gentle feels like, and what gentle words are: “Hi”; “Please, and Thank you”; “Yes,”; “friend”; “Why?”; “What are you doing?”; “Can I play too?”; “I like you”, are just some of those words we use every day when talking to the people around us. In fact, I think about 80% of my day is spent helping them be gentle with each other. When we learn to be gentle and open, we attract others and others also welcome us.
It occurred to me that as adults perhaps we should practice this more with each other. If you think about greeting your partner at the end of a long and difficult day, what is the first thing you say? “Ugh! I’m exhausted – what a day!” and then perhaps launch into a rant about a boss/co-worker/client. But what if instead you looked at that person with love and said, “It was a long, hard day, but it is so much better now that I get to see you (or hear your voice if they are far away).
At other times, gentle words can diffuse a stressful situation for everyone. The other day, in the school parking lot, I was backing up in my van. A smaller car started moving forward at the same time, not realizing I was backing up, and our bumpers hit. We both got out. The gentleman went right to inspect his bumper. I said, “Oh my goodness, are you okay?” He continued inspecting his bumper, but the realized what I had said, “Oh yes.” he replied, and then looked at me, “Are you okay?” Gentle words remind us to see the other person.
Gentle words allow us to feel valued and to give value, love and trust. When we use gentle words with ourselves and each other, we model a truly accepting world for our children and provide them with loving, strong, empathetic role models to look up to. When we always act from a place of love, our gentle words are giving everyone around us a safe place to be; a loving connection and the tools to go out and create a more welcoming and accepting world.


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