For the corned beef lover in your family

Hi All!
   I will be the  first to admit, deli meats are one of my weaknesses.  And corned beef and smoked meat on rye are my dear hubby’s favourites.  Can’t wait to take him to Schwartz’s in Montreal for a real one!
Deli meats are okay in small doses, but we all know what they are full of…sugar, salt, “nitrates” or “nitrites”.  Most of them are “smoked” or cured and that involves salts and sugars in order to preserve them, and to create the flavours and textures they empart.  Without those additions, it would just be salty meat.
For the most part, when it comes to making sandwiches, I try and stay away from those (mostly be cause I would eat them everyday!).  I do buy Ham on a regular basis, and we are fortunate that our local Butcher shop, Piper’s Meat Cleaver , carries their own smoked hams (and even turkey sometimes!), and homemade pepperoni sticks, and other sausage, as well as an amazing choice of locally sourced meats.  The great thing about buying their own smoked hams is you can speak to the person who made it and ask what went into the making of it. 
However, once you get your deli meats home, that is where you can take control over what goes into the sandwich (or onto the meat tray!). 
For instance, my version of the Corned Beef on Rye…

We start with a whole wheat tortilla
Add mustard (usually grainy or regular)
No cheese.
2 slices of corned beef or Montreal smoked meat
And then a mix of sprouts, chopped green onion, sliced radish, sliced sweet peppers, tomato and grated carrot.
Add a salad on the side with a tasty vinagrette and you won’t even miss the fries!

This packs well for school or work lunches (just pack the salad separate from the wrap, and include the dressing in a separate container).  By spicing up the salad a little bit with onion and radish, you give your sandwich (or in this case, wrap) the kick it might be missing only having the two slices of meat in it.


Happy Packing!