Clean 7 day Suppers

As part of my journey through the 30 day Cleanse and Fat-burning adventure, I am bringing you a collection of 400-600 clean and healthy supper meals. Of course, you can make them into lunch meals too, but for me they will be supper meals, as we eat as a family more often than not.  Given that I won’t be eating the meals on my Cleanse days, the ones on the higher end of the caloric scale that you find here, will be the ones my family will be eating on those days.  You can move them around however you like.  They are also the kinds of recipes that can be substituted (like ground chicken or turkey or bison for beef; chicken breast for pork tenderloin, or vice versa).

Most of the recipes are from an favourite older Eating well magazine: February/March 2006.  I will include the page numbers as well, in case you have the magazine.

Week #1

Day 1 (of 7): Asian “Salisbury” steak with wilted spinach and brown rice (303 calories + the brown rice) page 10

Day 2: (this is a cleanse day for me this week): Barbeque Pulled chicken (184 cal + bun and coleslaw), done in the slow cooker, with whole wheat buns and 3 cabbage coleslaw page 62

Day 3: (day 2 cleanse day for me):Quick Turkey Pasta Bolognese, (414 cal, 1 cup pasta, 1 cup sauce) and green salad. This one is from Eating Well January/February 2013, page 26.

Day 4: Maple Mustard Pork tenderloin with barley and steamed broccoli (227 cal + barley and broccoli), from EW 2006, page 16

Day 5: Cassoulet-style chicken thighs and spinach salad (370 cal + spinach salad) EW 2006 page 63.  Note this recipe uses two cans of White beans (one of my faves!).  The other ingredient you may not have on hand is 6 oz of turkey kielbasa.  Our local butcher has homemade sausage, fresh and smoked varieties, and this is one of their best smoked ones.  I will be sure to share this recipe on the blog this week.

Day 6: A Better Chinese New Year Soup, from Clean Eating Magazine, January/February 2013, made with chicken breast rather than pork tenderloin. (294 cal, 2 cups)

Day 7: Cream of turkey and wild rice soup with green salad, from Eating well magazine December 2008, page 28.  (354 cal, 1 3/4 cup serving)   The creaminess is this soup comes from the addition of low fat yogurt at the end of the cooking process.

I am looking forward to the week, as I read through this!


Week #2: This week has me getting out the Dieticians of Canada Cookbooks.  I have three of them altogether, and these recipes are from two of them: “Cooks!” which is the newest one, and also “Simply Great Food.”  If you aren’t really a big cookbook fan, but are looking for just one healthy go-to cookbook, then either of these would make a great edition to your shelf of books.

Day 1: Turkey Taco Salad, my own recipe.

Day 2: Slow cooker Beef Stew from Simply Great food, page 188

Day 3: Indian Spiced Chicken from Cooks, page 173

Day 4: Slow cooker Chicken and Wild rice vegetable soup from Cook!, page 135

Day 5: Tuna Casserole with veggies, my own recipe

Day 6: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers with BBQ pork chops, my own recipe.

Day 7: Pizza!  2: Veggie and 3 cheese & Ham and Spicy chicken. from Simply Great Food, page 251

Week #3: Another week!  And this time, I had to heed the requests of the family.  “Can you not make new stuff this week?”  So, for this week, I am bringing out some of our family favourites.

Day 1: Roasted veggies with whole wheat pasta and baked chicken breast.

Day 2: Salmon on the BBQ (or baked) with Sante Fe salad and baked potatoes.

Day 3: Glory Bowl from White Water Cooks, from the White Water resort in Nelson, BC

Day 4: Turkey Chili in the slow cooker

Day 5: Chicken stir fry with soba noodles

Day 6: Turkey meatballs with homemade marinara sauce and whole wheat spaghetti and green salad.

Day 7: BBQ Pork Chops with brown rice and Greek salad.

As per usual, in our house, there will be salad (made by the newly appointed 11 year old “Official Salad maker”, who was recently promoted to this position after 5 years as “Official Table setter”)




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