Clean Lunch Menu for April Week #3

Another week…Oh my goodness, we are just 10 days left until May, which means 2 months  left of school.  Really?  Is another school year almost over?  Where did that time go?

I have spent some time over the last month, digging around looking for a little inspiration for those lunch boxes.  I hope you like what I found!  Baked Chicken and brown rice wraps happened by chance in our kitchen when I was packing picnic lunch for us to take to the West Coast (of the Island) on Easter Weekend, a day that blessed us with gorgeous 20C and clear blue skies (in all the years of going to Ucuelet and the West coast of the Island, I don’t think it has ever been there when it has been 20 degrees!).  I tossed some homemade maple mustard vinaigrette with the brown rice, and added some lettuce and chicken and a new favourite was born.

Long Beach 2013

I came across this fun article by Jennifer Tyler Lee at Huffington Post, that was so full of ideas and great links, that I kept going back to it again and again.  Jennifer is the creator of a game called, “Crunch a Colour“, that I am going to get for our Home Daycare.  There were so many ideas at the Healthy Lunch Challenge that I finally just bookmarked the page!

So, check out our inspired menu for this week!

Happy Packing!


Monday: Baked Chicken and brown rice wraps, chocolate chip spelt bars, cottage cheese and 2 mini apples

Tuesday: Pizza Dip: Whole wheat pita cut in quarters, marinara sauce for dipping, baked ham slices, low fat mozzarella squares, sliced bell peppers, pear, blueberry breakfast cookie

Wednesday: Tortellini Vegetable soup with rye crackers, mini apples and blueberry spelt muffin

Thursday: Chicken BLTs on sprouted whole grain bread, orange slices, steamed edamame in the shell, yogurt with frozen berries

Friday: Baked pasta with roasted veggies, fruit skewers, yogurt and blueberry breakfast cookies.


Monday: Chicken and “fried” rice with steamed broccoli

Tuesday: Pizza Dip (see above)

Wednesday: Tortellini vegetable soup with rye crackers

Thursday: Chicken sandwiches with Steamed edamame in the shell

Friday: Baked Pasta with roasted veggies.